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Getting into business is easier than you think

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  • Getting into business is easier than you think

    Running a Hire-A-Hubby franchise is a great way to turn your handy skills into material wealth. We’re all about working hard and reaping the rewards - whether they be financial or lifestyle-related. Running your own business gives you flexibility and control over your own time, giving you the freedom to achieve a work-life balance that suits you and your family.

  • Thriving franchisees

    Working with us is a great way to increase your satisfaction with life. It’s about more than doing odd jobs for people. It’s about helping people enhance and protect their most valuable asset. From a commercial perspective, you can set goals and grow, both personally and professionally. We encourage every member of our team to develop their business however they wish, so the rewards can get as big as you want them to be. All with the backing of a trusted Kiwi brand.

  • Your skills make a world of difference

    You can help turn people’s homes into comfortable havens that they love, while protecting and maximising the value of their most valuable asset.

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If you’d like to know more about becoming a Franchisee with Hire A Hubby, we’d love to answer your questions in person. Fill in your details and we’ll call you in business hours.

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Brand Addiction
Bunnings Trade
Safety Work Kits
Target Insurance
Ebbett Toyota
One NZ

Your questions

  • An exclusive area anywhere in NZ with a minimum of 5000 residential postal addresses and often commercial businesses as well
  • Comprehensive equipment pack including training
  • A 9-year contract plus ability to renew for another 9 years for free
  • Immediate brand recognition from NZ’s best known maintenance franchise
  • Proven systems that can be quickly implemented into your business
  • A dedicated Business Advisor
  • A network of over 50 franchisees
  • Annual conference and regional meetings

We have two options to choose from, so you can select the payment structure that best suits your financial situation.


  1. Buy a Standard area - $44,000 +GST including your equipment pack and training.


  1. Buy a Gold area - $64,000 +GST including your equipment pack and training (this will get you into one of a limited number of highly sought after, high value areas).



In addition to the above start-up cost, you’ll need your own set of tools, and a suitable vehicle for your franchise – typically a black van or ute, no older than ten years of age.

Our partners at Ebbett Toyota can help with your vehicle purchase.

Our Alliance Partners, ANZ Bank, can help you get your new business up and running, with a business loan of up to 50% of the purchase and set-up cost, as well as further lending if you have equity in your home.

The short answer is, as much as you want. As a guide, you should be turning over around $2,500 per week for a 40 hour week. But there's no reason you should stop there unless you want to.

The equipment pack provides you with everything from theory and practical training, to uniforms, vehicle signage, safety equipment, comprehensive Health and Safety training and marketing collateral. You’ll also be given access to accounting and client management software. As far as tools are concerned, we leave you free to choose which brand and products work for you.

While basic DIY skills or a trade/project management background is useful, Hire-A-Hubby’s comprehensive training, ongoing support and award-winning systems will help you build up your skill set. However, we can’t teach a positive attitude and a sound work ethic, so you’ll need to bring those things with you and put them to work in your new business.

As the most recognised property maintenance and home improvement brand in New Zealand, we offer the following benefits.


      1.   Flexibility

We give you the tools you need to be your own boss and the autonomy to truly run your own business. With our comprehensive training and ongoing support, our franchisees quote all their own jobs and deal directly with their clients. They also invoice jobs personally and receive payment straight into their own bank accounts (not ours), keeping control of their own tax returns and GST payments.


      2.  Technology

Our award-winning franchise system is managed electronically, eliminating paper trails and saving our franchisees hundreds of dollars each year. Jobs are received, quoted and invoiced electronically, meaning no unnecessary trips to the bank and no long hours filling out paperwork.


      3.  Big Brand Alliance Partners

We've aligned ourselves with some of the most recognised brands in New Zealand, giving you the power to buy at the right price. Our current alliance partners include One NZ, Bunnings, ANZ, Z Energy and Target Insurance.

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Getting into business is easier than you think

Heading up a Hire-A-Hubby franchise is a great way to enjoy more autonomy in your working life. We provide comprehensive training and support to help you grow a successful business.

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